Technology of perfect windows


PVC windows

PVC windows are the combination of qualitative profile systems, glass units and fittings of Ukrainian and European production. Namely these components make windows Steko energy-efficient and safe. While windows manufacture we use:

  • 1. Profile systems of Ukrainian series S300/400/500 and European series R500/600 and Reiner R700 eko
  • 2. Energy-saving i-glass and multifunctional year-round glass Double Silver Steko. Glass unit with any of suggested glasses will save the warmth in house and help to significantly economize utility bills.
  • 3. Fitting from Ukrainian and European manufacturers. Burglar retardant fitting Steko Plus will become the additional guarantor of safety. And such accessory as children lock, will protect child from falling out of window. Also you can complete the window with antibacterial handle Steko BioTouch. Due to its special surface with silver ions, this handle is an efficient method of infection prevention.

PVC doors

Steko is specializing in manufacture of entrance, interior and balcony PVC doors. PVC interior and entrance doors differ by esthetic view, high heat-insulating features and functionality. They are made of profile systems of Ukrainian and European production. According to customer wish we can install energy-saving i-glass or multifunctional glass Double Silver Steko. If necessary, there is an opportunity to install opaque thermo panel instead of glass.

  • Qualitative sealant and aluminium warm sill Windstop will help to raise energy-efficiency of entrance door, will protect from blowing and freezing.
  • Wide range of decorative glasses will make design of interior door inimitative.
  • PVC balcony door will become an excellent decision not only in heat proof, but will also protect from penetration (on condition that burglar retardant fitting Steko Plus will be used).

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Aluminium constructions

Steko aluminium systems and constructions have range of advantages, among which:

  • - High operating time up to 80 yeas
  • - Strength to corrosion
  • - Strength to deformation and environment influence
  • - Fire resistance

Aluminium production of factory Steko manufacture the wide range of production. And namely:

  • - Turn, tilt and turn windows from cold and warm aluminium profile
  • - Hinged doors single-leaf and two-leaved door from cold and warm aluminium profile
  • - Traffic doors from cold aluminium profile with the use of floor closer GEZE and HaiDeLi
  • - Parallel-movable constructions from cold aluminium profile
  • - Lift-movable constructions from cold aluminium profile with the use of fitting Siegenia and GU
  • - Inclined-movable constructions from cold and warm aluminium profile with the use of Roto Patio.
  • - Facade glazing of any complexity, including winter garden and sky window

Roller shutters

Aluminium roller doors are modern way to increase safety level of the premise, provide energy-saving and sound-proofing, create inimitable design. They are made of eco-friendly aluminium and correspond to European standards.

Steko makes the manufacture of shutter systems of shutter leaf TM Alutech. In the basis of each shutter there is eco-friendly, substantial and long life aluminium. Factory Steko offers 2 types of extruded aluminium profile (55mm, 44mm) and 7 types profile of rolling (from 36 to 77mm), and also 2 types of roller frames.

Ready roller systems have several operating ways:

  • - electrical with push button control
  • - electrical with control panel
  • - mechanical with blanking by crossbar lock
  • - with operating by cord inside the premise

There are 12 design variants. Roller systems are completed with basket for rollers and extruded guide slides.