About company

STEKO сompany has been working more than 14 years at the Ukrainian market, and today it is the biggest manufacturer of PVC constructions. Three factories (two in Dnipro and one in Lviv) with the total square almost 100 000 sq. m manufacture 1 000 000 constructions per year.

The world leader in sales, production, installation of windows, doors and facades with excellent service and a million satisfied customers!

We produce power efficient windows, doors and facades of the international quality standards that people's homes will be light, warm, comfortable, cozy and safe!

Energy saving
Unique design

Excellent quality PVC windows and doors at the best price

PVC windows and doors not only make our houses so cozy and comfortable but they effectuate such important functions as energy saving, sound-proofing and even safety. This`s why very important to choose a window or a door that will have all needed functional for you, not only shield the wall opening.


Aluminium constructions for the projects of some complexity

Aluminium constructions allow to realize whichever designer decision, they harmonize with other material perfectly as well. Project of aluminium construction can be produced in different colors or wooden structures.


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Why choose Steko?

We confirm our success by the list of realized projects. We had glazed more than 100 large building projects and more than 1000 private residential properties in all Ukraine by 2017.